Our Products are built to order

We have a flexible manufacturing facility that fabricates our LED based products to order.  The fall into three categories: grow lights, therapy lights and work lights.

Grow lights

Our water-cooled grow lights are industrial quality and operate on a safe 48VDC bus.  They all meet stringent IP67 environmental conditions and come in power ratings of 500 W, 1000 W, 1500 W, 2000 W and 3000 W.  

Therapy lights

We produce phototherapy lights in two red wavelengths and two infrared wavelengths.  They are available in powers of 25 W or 50 W and can be modulated at a variety of frequencies.


Work lights

Our work lights are designed to surpass UL standards for explosion-proof operation.  They are available as battery operated or line units.  Output powers of 2500 lumens for 8 hours between charges insure uninterrupted work in hazardous locations.

Let us know your needs

Please describe your needs in our response section and we will provide a preferred product configutation, cost and delivery time.

Integrated Systems

Our products are flexible and can be incorporated into larger systems.  For example, the recovered heat from our grow lights can be used in the reheat cycle for dehumidifiers saving growers significant energy.